Android Self Service Solution

Android SST Application

Android based Self Service Solution which enables Self Service Operations on Android Tablets.

Key features:

  • Low cost Self Service Solution based on Android Platform
  • Plug-in based approach allowing to add new functionality easy
  • Using Android eco-system efficiently: Face Tracking/Recognition, NFC communication, Camera, GPS tracking
  • Integrated Barcode Scanner: based on Android Tablet Camera
  • Integration with e-Wallet solutions: based on Android Tablet NFC
  • Support for external devices: Cash Acceptor, Printer or other
  • Integration with existing Switches using various protocols (ISO8583, IFX, other)

Deployment models

Solution can be deployed as Self Service Point of Sales available for customer interaction or as Standalone Kiosk with Cash Acceptor functionality.

Self Service Point of Sales

Standalone Kiosk

Solution Screenshots

Please find more details in our presentation.

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